Money Control.


Chart bar Detailed Charts

You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. So we have visualized all your input data in some beautiful charts.
Line charts for your Expenses, Incomes and balance for a given time period
Pie charts for your Expenses and Incomes per category.

Application Notifications

Create a reminder for your fixed expenses or anything with an expiration date, choose when you want to be notified and viola!
Notifications for all your reminders in the notification area in your home page!!
Notifications for all your budgets so you can have immediately control over them without going to the budget page.

Format bullets Budget manager

Create a budget with less than 4 clicks, observe them while the status bars grow when new expenses added , try not to surpass your budget and save money!
Status bars visual representation of your current budget status.
Notifiers for your budgets current state in your home page!.



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